Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Physical Therapy

E has been going to physical therapy for a year this month. She's really progressed since her first visit. We've had the good fortune of having great therapists. Our original therapist (from the same home town as I was!) moved on to a position in the schools, which is great for her, but sad for us. Over the summer, though, our original PT (Mrs. Jamie) was on vacation so our substitute (Mrs. Cindy) was the PT in our school system. E really liked her and it was nice to get some information about preschool and other school-based services. We're hoping to go visit preschool soon, especially since it's in our primary school (the one M goes to)!

Since Mrs. Jamie left, however, we've had Mrs. Joan who happens to have been in our school district before Cindy was (confused yet?). This has been lovely as well because she, too, is still in touch with people, knows our district and administration, etc. If possible, E has responded even more to Joan, who is very much old school with hugs, kisses, silly songs, etc. It really suits Joan's personality and E just works really hard for Mrs. Joan.

I usually try to predict how far we will get home before E falls asleep. This is what she looked like when we arrived home.

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