Wednesday, September 30, 2009


This is how M looked Monday coming out of school. We had an eye doctor appointment and I told her to take sunglasses in case they dilated her eyes (they didn't!). She had to show Big Daddy her "look" and he took the pictures. I was transferring pictures from the cameras today and saw it and immediately thought I'd be witty if I made some Unabomber comment.

Then I thought again for a couple of reasons. First, I wouldn't appreciate it if someone made it about her. She's beautiful and innocent and the antithesis of what Ted Kaczynski did. What kind of mother would I be to link my girl with evil actions?

Second, after we had E, I read an article about our language and such. In this article, it pointed out that using "to drink the Kool-Aid," may seem pretty innocuous and harmless; a way to designate someone being a sheep. In reality, family members of the 909 people who died at Jonestown probaby don't feel it's harmless (read the Wiki entry, it's heartbreaking).

I've tried to write about this before, but began to really think about it regarding this picture and my initial impulse. I checked it because three people were killed and twenty-three others injured. These people have loved ones who probably don't feel like their life is a throwaway comment because of the bombings, not to mention the rest of the Kaczynski family.

Because on occasion I try to improve as a human being, I only direct you to look closely at my beautiful girl and note the missing teeth.