Sunday, May 31, 2009

Making the Connection

Yesterday, I was doing some work at the computer, Little Peeps was napping, Big Daddy was out in the garage cleaning out the attic and Big Peeps was playing in the front yard.

Big Daddy brought down the retired Barbie golf set that hadn't been received as enthusiastically as imagined. Because we don't have a ton of garage space, it was stored away. It's reappearance yesterday prompted some interest which was relayed to me when Big Daddy came in laughing and said:

"So I was telling M the names of the clubs and she pointed to the wedge and I said it was a wedge, the same for the putter, but then she told me she knew what the big one was called. When I asked her, she said it was the Beatermeyer."

This cracked us both up. Now, M does have a talent for labeling things (globe=world ball), but neither of us could figure out where Beatermeyer came from. Regardless, we thought it was a great name and Big Daddy has rechristened his retro driver to the Beatermeyer.

Today, M and I were at the table and she was looking at Ottoline and the Yellow Cat. We were chatting about Ottoline and her friend, Mr. Monroe, and various story elements when she said something about the furniture in the book. Now, this book is really, really clever. I can't imagine the time the author and illustrator, Chris Riddell, has put into this book. Part of the book, though, involves the furniture in the apartment where Ottoline lives. Furniture such as a Biedermeier chair, ottoman, rocker, etc. Riddell's drawings of each piece are stylized, simplistic, oversized images that dwarf Ottoline and Mr. Monroe.

So, while the driver isn't really a golf club of prodigious power; I do have a six year old who is correctly able to associate and label her equipment in proper stylistic periods.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

First Socks

Why knit socks when you can buy them cheaply?

Because it's a great feeling to wear them on your feet as you go through your day. Kind of like when you're wearing delicate, hand-washables under your everyday clothes.

These are the second pair that I've knit for myself. On the first pair (details to come), I made one too long and have to rip it out. On this one, the one on the left is a bit long, but I'm not ripping out because they were a toe-up construction. Details at Ravelry.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Typical Man

Recent conversation:

M: how old do you think Santa is?

Me: I don't know. How old do you think he is?

M: [thinking...] 32

Me: Oh. Okay.

M: And I think that Mrs. Claus is 23.