Saturday, January 30, 2010

Summing Up

It occurs to me, as I sit reading through other people's blogs that perhaps I should update all here.

To sum up:
  • The big E turned 2 on January 2nd! (party to be held in March)
  • Big Daddy had Meniere's and suffered through a low salt diet for 3 weeks before learning that he really has a hole somewhere that is leaking sound.
  • Big Daddy also has a bum knee that needs some cleaning out via a scope
  • We've had three "yellow" days from the M which means that she's broken class rules. This has resulted in many days of arguing and butting heads. If I didn't know better, I'd think I was living with a teenager
  • I started a job! Part-time, nonprofit dealing with a preventable birth defect. I'm not linking directly because of the whole work separation thing, but if you know me is other social online areas (facebook, twitter, ravelry, etc.) you'll probably figure it out soon enough
  • M is doing both dance (W) and swimming (Th) during the week
  • E is doing speech (2x a month), physical therapy (2x a month), and occupational therapy (1x a month). Our PT thinks we should also add in a weekly play group. Yikes!
  • For those who asked, M received a Just Like You doll (now named Rosie) that looks nothing like her. In fact her four preferred JLY dolls were: fair skin, blond, brown eyes, freckles; fair skin, brunette, blue eyes; medium skin, curly dark brown hair, brown eyes; light skin, brown-black hair, brown eyes (Sorry can't link because of how American Girls configures the dolls).
  • ETA; Oh, yes, I forgot, in addition to our therapy schedule (see above), we've seen our pediatrician for our 2 year well check, had blood work done (thankfully we sync up our endocrinologist and pediatrician labs for only one draw), saw our endocrinologist, and had our teeth cleaned.
  • Everyone was caught up on their H1N1 vaccinations (Woohoo!)
Some (old) photos:
Santa Baby

"Uh Santa, I am way too tall and cool to sit on your lap."
(from my friend Leslie! Hi Leslie!)

Holiday 2009 Pictures

(note: E has always clasped her hands together in this really delicate, prim way. I was really happy to have a picture of her doing it. When my mom saw it, she loved how it captured this characteristic of E.)

Santa brought E play silks which we've loved. I put one over her head, then over mine.
Then, I put them all on her and she thought she was cooler than the other side of the pillow.