Friday, January 30, 2009


I'm so sick of politics, but I was so annoyed at the Republican's lock-step rejection of HR1, that I wrote the following to my Representative:
Dear Representative Latta,

I am heartily disappointed in you and your Republican colleagues' vote against the Economic Stimulus (HR1) Bill. While I appreciate that we may have difference of opinions on how to improve the economy, your listed reasons to vote down a bill that would help me and my community, seems more like a fit of pique than anything else. The NEA, census, etc. spending is part of the government doing business and, while it would be nice if government employees could drive their car for another year, a large automobile purchase could also help the struggling auto industry - something from which my family, neighbors, and the entire region would directly benefit.

Regardless of whether we agree that the funds are appropriately allocated in this bill seems a bit disingenuous when you were in support of the massive bailout of banks and financial institutions. While trying to use the "pork barrel spending" cry against HR1 was a nice try, it is shameful for you (and your Republican colleagues) to pretend that your previous support of the biggest trough for the free market ever was anything but pork barrel spending. Given that we now know that those recipients gave themselves bailouts, planes, and retreats, it's disgusting that you voted against a bill because there were monies to ensure an accurate representation of the population (census), to support national arts programs, and for capital improvements? Really?

People are more discriminating than you think, and we know that a) there's a reasonable amount of pork that will occur, it's part of doing business in Washington; b) pork barrel spending is something in which you will be engaged as a way to ensure your continued re-election, and c) is not the one-way street that Republicans like to tout. People are able to distinguish between pork handed out as routine business, and that done to line pockets of friends and donors. Your (and your Republican colleagues') vote for the banks and financial institutions and against HR1 certainly seems like the latter.

I am repulsed by the Republicans' position on HR1, not only because of the hypocrisy of their (your) support of the first bailout, but also because I find a lock-step approach to politics to be one that benefits the politician and not the constituents. Obviously, I am a Democrat, but I believe your position hurts those of us who you represent, and given that the Republicans are in the minority and that your plan has no change of succeeding into law, your vote against HR1 may hurt you most of all.

I hope you will represent all your constituents in Washington and break away from the petulant, group-think that seems to be happening among Republicans.

I'd like to rant and rant more, but it's late, I was due in bed an hour ago, and little E has been sick and not sleeping.
Hmmmm, perhaps sleep deprivation is driving the political rant.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

My Girls

Because it still makes me sad to see Pooka's face. We miss her. These bright, shining faces, can you not smile?

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Of Sorrow and Grief

Bailey Jane
June 25, 1996 - January 15, 2009

Of Amazement, Humility, and Gratitude

The hope was for 5,000 scarves to give to the 2009 World Winter Special Olympics Games (February 6 - 13 in Boise, ID). Any extras would be given to volunteer workers and dignitaries. Word on the street is that over 26 ,000 (and maybe more) were received. My three seem very humble, but it proves small things add up to make a big statement.

Of Joy, Hope, and Excitement

I'm so happy to see this day while still young. I can't wait to see what barriers will be broken by a man of mixed race as President. I am encouraged and hopeful about the future, despite the bleakness with which the prior administration tried to grind into the populace.