Sunday, October 4, 2009

Our First Grader

M started 1st grade in August. It's been a fairly smooth transition. I think that I have more problems with it than M does. I find I really dislike the confining nature that school causes on our lives. All of a sudden, we can't plan trips or activities because of being concerned about M missing school. Also, while I'm happy with M having friends to play with and developing socially, I only feel the need for it to happen about three times a week. These reasons make homeschooling more sensible on many levels, but that's for another day.

Nothing, however, says first grader like missing teeth and M lost three of hers in one week*.

Her first tooth (her left lateral incisor) just fell out while she was wiggling it (which was a good thing as I'm a little squeamish about the loose tooth thing). She came running in the bathroom where I was getting E out of the tub yelling, "Mom, it came out!" in an excited/panic voice. She was so excited, though, that we called Big Daddy (who was at a gig) to tell him the good news. The Tooth Fairy came and left her $1.

The second to go was her right front tooth (central incisor). This was a Big Daddy assisted operation that went smoothly mid-week (I don't remember exactly when). So now M has two missing top teeth with one major, very loose tooth to fill the gap. Once again, the Tooth Fairy left $1.

The last to go in this round was the solitary left front tooth. This was a battle royale. The tooth was ridiculously loose but M wouldn't pull it. After much crying, wailing, promises that she would do it, it came down to me holding her and Big Daddy quickly pulling it out. Seriously, a minute later, you'd thought the 45 minutes of drama never happened and another $1 from the Tooth Fairy is going a small way to replenish empty coffers. All was forgiven and there's been speculation about the right lateral incisor and it's impending progression and eventual removal. Oy.

*Note: M's eyes in this picture are really red due to a sensitivity to the hand sanitizer they've been using at school. Once we discontinued use, her eyes cleared up!

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