Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Tonight, I was putting E to sleep. Bottle, rocking, kissing of babies, etc. The usual, except I skipped reading because it was late. Now, true confession. We don't read much with E. Usually, the only reading is before bedtime because it's about the only time she's not moving. She's been looking at them, though, when she's in the pack 'n play while I'm showering and M will read to her while she's in there, so all is not lost. Anyway, I try to read a couple books. Lately, it's been The Very Hungry Catepillar, That's not my Lion!, and The Going to Bed Book. I always read The Going to Bed Book last.

Tonight, after her bottle, I turned her around on my lap to face me (like I always do) and asked for a kiss*. She gestured and looked intently at me, which usually means she's signing something and trying to communicate. I didn't get what she was signing, though, and tried to do our normal post-reading (albeit missing) routine. E wasn't having it. She kept signing (hands together at the base of her palms in a kind of V) until I realized that she was asking for her book (signed with little finger side of hand together and opening like a book)!

She asked to read! I don't know why it seems more than other stuff she asks for (food, juice, music, Signing Time, etc.), but it is. My baby is asking for reading! Woohoo!

*Must remember to a)write about her signing. It's awesome! and b) tell about the kissing (okay, licking really) game we now have.