Saturday, October 31, 2009

Official 2009 Halloween Report

This was the first year we carved pumpkins.

M gave me the inspiration for how each should look (click on image to enlarge):

Note the following:
  • When asked what E will be for Halloween, we said sleeping (I don't mess up sleep schedules for kids who aren't allowed to eat candy, tell me what they want to be, or walk. Maybe next year), so she drew E's pumpkin with Zzzzzzzs.
  • The stencils are from the little book that Nana sent.
  • Yes, there are pumpkin guts on the page.
  • I did make the freckles with an awl, but they didn't show up when lit.

Then, while Big Daddy wrangled The Girls, I carved very carefully:

(l-r: Mom, Dad, E, M)

We included the one (far left) that M got to bring home from school.

Then tested for proper glowing:

Then placed them on the porch.

Trick or Treating

on (notice the layers underneath, it was cold!) and treat bag ready, M and Big Daddy set off.

Usually, they (M & Big Daddy) do the gathering while I distribute. This year, M asked if we could each do half, so they returned after 1/2 the street and M & I set off after donning my costume (sorry, no pictures were taken). My costume was a little tiara, feather boa, wings (which didn't fit), and a wand so I could be a moonlight fairy. I was lovely if I do say so myself (and because no pictures exists, you'll have to believe me!).

We did our street, plus the neighboring one where there was way more action. Our street, in comparison, was dead. We think because we don't have great lighting at the ends and the houses on the end weren't participating tonight that it may have seemed too dark. Also, because our street dead-ends into another one (versus letting out onto two major streets), I think this deters people from knowing how to manage working the entire neighborhood.

M was really funny and had a ton of comments on her costume. Of course, we thought hers was the best, but I think it's refreshing to see sweet and charming rather than some costumes proposed for little girls.

Anyway, we had a great time. M was exhausted when she got home and despite efforts to keep her up a little later than normal (grrr time change), she was in bed a little after 8:00, worn out, I think, from all the excitement and the chocolate!

Now...only 54 days to Christmas!

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