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What I've Been Doing


Generation X Doesn't Want to Hear It

Open Letter to that 53% Guy

PlanetMoney Podcast

The Bugle Podcast (warning, contains lots of swearing)


My Redeemer Lives (you will need kleenex) More information about Team Hoyt

(and for more know I love Signing Time, but Rachel Coleman's personal story is pretty inspiring as well.  This post in particular "Strong Enough."

Thursday, October 6, 2011


It's also:

Eye Injury Prevention Month 

Home Eye Safety Month 

National Breast Cancer Awareness Month 

National Disability Employment Awareness Month

National Medical Librarians Month 

National Physical Therapy Month  

Spina Bifida Awareness Month

Stop America's Violence Everywhere (SAVE) Today 

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome Awareness Month  

Which seems like a lot to get behind in one short month.  This doesn't include the weekly observances or daily observances, such as Mental Health, Walk to School, Stuttering, Latino, World Food, etc. And when I look at the list, I'm for preventing/improving outcomes for all of these, even the juggernaut of Breast Cancer (see The Big Business of Breast Cancer for an interesting look at it).

The important thing about all these days no matter how random they may seem is that there's usually a person who has had their life changed through an eye injury, stuttering, breast cancer, a diagnosis of down syndrome, etc.  I've seen Plato's quote "Be Kind for Everyone You Meet is Fighting a Hard Battle" in various places lately, and this list of observances is a good reminder of how true it is.


It was a parent involvement day at preschool.  It was also one of the first outings that we had by ourselves that was for fun.  E. had a good time, I think. So did mommy.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


This past weekend we went to our first Buddy Walk. Just E & I walked as Big Daddy and M had a soccer game. They joined us later for the post walk entertainment (more on that in a minute). I haven't been very involved with the local Down Syndrome group and worry that I'm missing out on some valuable input or information. Or just finding a network of people. But then I go to a mom's night out and don't really care for the other women there and don't readily connect with some of them, so don't go back.

It's my own fault to some extent, but it also underscores the fact that just because we have children with the same condition, doesn't mean we're going to be besties. I'm not friends with mom's who have brown-eyed children either. Having a child with DS only gives us one thing in common. It may be a jumping off point, but so far, for me, it's been like the motorcyclists who wave at other motorcyclists as if to say, "I acknowledge you and approve your mode of transportation," but have no other interaction.

Anyway, so despite not being too involved in our local DS group, we wanted to go to the Buddy Walk this year because Rachel Coleman from Signing Time was the featured guest/performer. I mentioned previously that E signs. Most of her signing has come from watching Signing Time. That's her (left) watching Baby Signing Time at about 18 months. She's progressed through everything they've put out and we're eagerly awaiting new episodes. Given that Alex, Leah, Rachel & Hopkins have been in our house everyday for the last two years, we jumped at the chance to go meet them.

I worried that E would lose her mind seeing Rachel, but she didn't. I think it was because we see her everyday, why wouldn't she be somewhere. What really drew E's attention, though, was Hopkins. He was really fun.

During the performance, E turned away some of the time even though Rachel & Hopkins were singing some favorites that she's asks for - In a House is one E likes to sign before bed, Magic Words was the first song that I noticed E signing/singing along to in the car, Signing Time Theme Song she likes to sign along with Rachel...preferable looking in a mirror - anyway....E didn't lose her mind like I thought she would but it was fun nonetheless. The highlight was at the end when Rachel sang The Silly Pizza Song.

She asked what was first and I signed apple, then what was next (crackers), then she saw I was signing the list and asked what was next (ice cream), next (I said bread but it was wrong and quickly corrected to cereal), then next (bread), when Rachel said you should come up and E and I did! Big Daddy was there to video (below), so you'll see us doing so. Unfortunately, E didn't show all the signs she knows (she's really awesome at extra cheese) probably because of the speed (we do it slower at home by ourselves) and the distraction of Rachel & Hopkins, but it was fun. At the end, Rachel looked over to me and said, "You're very brave," and I said, "We live you," which is true. Signing Time music and videos are a constant part of our day. But my love letter to Signing Time must wait for another day. Until then, here we are at the 2011 Buddy Walk.

Silly Pizza Song w/Rachel Coleman (plus some)

31 for 21

It's October, which means I'm behind already for the 31 for 21 Challenge in support for Down Syndrome Awareness. So, I'll be double posting to catch up (probably all month) and finally writing down some thoughts and activities that have been going on here.