Saturday, October 31, 2009

The End

It's the end of 31 for 21. Thanks to Tricia for making it happen.

Here are things I learned/accomplished:
  1. Although I didn't post everyday (doubling up these last few days), I have posted 31 times this month! Yay me!
  2. I was thinking, though, of all the things still left unsaid for Down Syndrome Awareness Month and other stuff that just lurking around in my head to write about and feeling a bit panicked because I didn't get it done this month. Then I realized that I can keep posting more frequently going forward (duh!) Which is what I'll try to do because there's lots more to be said about our lives, and heaven knows that M will have many things to discuss (did I tell you we're already on Christmas lists?) and opinions to share, and there will be pictures of my girls.
  3. I visited every blog on the 31 for 21 list. I bookmarked quite a few.
  4. I commented on entries that I liked. This is big as normally I'm a lurker, loving what I read, but not telling the writer. I tried to make a point to do that this month for these bloggers who were sharing their stories.
  5. I've really appreciated those who have commented here. Thanks!
Stay tuned for more in November!

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Cate said...

Yay, I look forward to reading more from you!