Friday, October 16, 2009


(sorry for the larger images, but I wanted to be sure that they were legible to readers)

M has taken a real leap forward in the last couple weeks with her writing. She started a First Grade Journal at home (not something required for school) and was writing about her day the other night. Today, she bought a diary for recording other notes and such.

What I'll miss, though, is the phonetic spelling and creative way she's writing now. When she asks how to spell something I don't want to tell her because I love discovering how it seems to her (not to mention that I usually try to have her sound it out).

This was a picture she did last week with a story/caption on the back.

I am a tiger. My skin is orange and black. I am fierce with enemies which are a bear.

Fierce with enemies. I love that. (The bird in the tree is labeled A Brd).

This is a thank you to my sister (look away Muffy if you haven't received it yet) for the Halloween treats she sent.

Thank you for the gifts Aunt Tracy. That headband looks marvelous on me. Love, M.

The pictures are of me (Mom), Me (M), then all her cousins by initial (S, D, D, C, J).

How awesome are these?

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Tracy said...

I loved this thank you and will treasure it forever. I could understand all of it and loved the pictures!