Thursday, October 29, 2009

Getting to the End of 31 for 21

Clearly, I'm not blogging everyday. In fact, I just checked and I have only posted 40 times this year with 22 of them (not including this post) in October!

I missed this weekend partly because I wasn't feeling so chatty and because we entertained friends on Saturday. It was a really lovely day (Hi B family! Can't wait to see you again soon!). Dinner was Mac & Cheese (really, really good) with salad, broccoli and great friends.

Sunday was spent getting ready for Big Daddy's Grandma's (the Triple G to M & E) birthday party. Halfway there, though M said she didn't feel good and wanted to go home. Considering her girl cousins who she loves were going to be there, plus the fun of doting grandparents and aunts & uncles, this was a pretty big deal. We went home, missing the party, and M was off...stomach and head aches, but no fever.

She went to school Monday for a bit, but the school nurse called because she wasn't feeling well. Again with the stomach and head aches but no fever. I kept her home yesterday just in case and because she still seemed a little punky to me.

She went to school today (Tuesday as I write this, thank heavens for predating in Blogger) and did fine, although we skipped Dance so that she wouldn't be too worn out.

So anyway....I'm planning to get 31 posts in this month, so scroll down for multiple posts each day. And, perhaps, continue to work on posting a little more frequently as it's a great way to remember these days that seem to speed by too fast.

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