Monday, October 5, 2009

Party Cat Central

Someone in this household is thinking that, when I put her down at 6:40, that I didn't mean it.

After sleeping for a couple hours (a little restless), E has been up since a little before 9:00. When it first became obvious that she was really awake (versus just light sleeping), I went in to see if she had poopy pants (which she doesn't particularly care for) and because she's been having a tough time with teeth today. After a dose of ibuprofen and some teething stuff on gums, I put her back in bed. M staggered out from her room all disoriented and needed to go to the bathroom. She was still so in her own world that it was like taking a newly trained kid to the potty. Then back to E's room for a little cuddle in the hopes that would settle her down. Nope, she's so tired that she's in a giggly, silly mood which makes it fun to be with her, but not so much sleeping. This is the one drawback of teaching kids to put themselves to sleep in their own bed: the fact that going in for a cuddle and some rocking only means that its time for her to look at everything and play with mama.

Again, back in the bed, only to listen to her giggle and coo and roll around, content to be awake while mama is desperately waiting for her to sleep so I can go to the Land of Nod. Finally, I just went in, changed her, put her in her sleepy sack, gave her a bottle, rocked for a couple minutes and put her down. We'll see what happens.

ETA: Right, I do believe yesterday was the full moon. Explains much.

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