Wednesday, November 28, 2007

With A Rush and a Push*

Hmm... As I was thinking about this blog post, this was the title, but as I wrote it I realized that those who are on BabyWatch2008 may misinterpret it. [grin]

Anyway, last week was unexpected as M had a little fever and a terrible cold. This means she got to have cartoons and movies (something she normally doesn't get except when traveling or sick). In turn, I was able to motor through a large knitting project that is due for the holidays. As we're not planning on going anywhere on Christmas Day, I was hoping to have this completed by the family celebration on 12/8.

So, last week, I slogged through the tedious parts - basically the parts where the pattern is no longer charming and it becomes a bit repetitive getting to the next fun section or completing the project entirely. As I made it to the top where the neck shaping is (something you'll have to go to Ravelry to see, I'm jennifermph), I realized what I really like about knitting....the end. It becomes a rush of anticipation to see if the hard work has accomplished what you intended. There's also a a point at which the knitting becomes a bit obsessive (for me) and I can't put it down until it's completed.

Currently, it's washed and block and just waiting for a solid dry before it is wrapped and gifted. As I questioned that I would complete it time, I'm pretty happy with the entire project.

For more details, see Ravelry projects - Kotan Poncho

Lessons learned from this project:
  1. My sister-in-law is very patient - this was promised at least 18 months ago
  2. Yarn has a mind of its own - the original yarn, which would also have been so beautiful for this project - did not want to be the Poncho. I cast on for this at least 15 times over the past year and a half and every time, something went wrong. When I changed to this lovely chunky wool, no problems and I think it will be more functional than the other.
  3. I converted the project to be knitted in the round!
  4. I learned to read a pattern that was a little vague with its descriptions.
*lyrics from The Smiths

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

What I Saw When I Woke

Lately, Peeps has been getting up and playing in her room before I am fully ready to be out of bed. One day a couple weeks ago, she called out to come see her. This is what I saw when I did.

She dressed in her Barbie Dancing Princess ensemble, black faux ballet slippers, velvet headband. She's holding Gabrielle who is dressed in a onsie that was slated to go to Little Peeps, but was filched by her big sister for her dolls.

Parenthood...well worth the price of admission.

The sparkly curtains

The last element of Peeps' room are the sparkly curtains for her windows. We added double rods so the light darkening curtains are behind while these are to the fore. We all like the effect a lot.

Is this too much?

Despite attempts to pair one or the other with a solid, I was told these match "because the flowers and butterflies were pink and purple." No arguing with that...

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Catching Up

Life at Chez Bubela has been busy. Here are a few things that we've been doing:

1. Getting the girls' rooms ready. Here are some shots of Peeps' room. I have to add some for the sparkly curtains. We still have a few items for Little Peeps' room to finish before I post pictures.
Thank goodness we got the queen size bed, otherwise, where would Shawn (the bear), dollies, and friends sleep? Also, it's a great place for family snuggling.

New light and ceiling fan.

Bailey sleeping on the rainbow rug.

New lamp with cute model.

Can you tell pink is one of M's favorite colors?

2. Peeps is fascinated with one of my pregnancy books that has illustrations of the baby developing as well as how it grows inside the mommy. Here's a pictures. On Monday, she read "the baby book" at least 4 times by herself and at least twice with me. Funny Girl.

3. Conversation last night while snuggled together in bed:
"You know what Riley was doing today at school?"


"She was being sassy"

"Really? We don't know anyone here who is ever sassy, do we?"



giggling "Sometimes, I'm a little sassy. I'm just teasing."

4. New game called Switch - where M runs from one end of the living room to the other. A great game given we're not getting as much outdoor time. Especially fun when it involves snorting like a pig, walking like a duck, galloping like a horse.... we're only limited by our imaginations.