Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Weight Check Day

Just a quick update for the moment. E is on a weekly weight check with our pediatrician. For the history, she was 7 lb 2 oz when she left the hospital on 1/11. On 1/16, she was 7 lb 0 oz (-2 oz). Our pediatrician was concerned and wanted to start on weekly weight checks. The Dr. also said that an ounce a day was a reasonable weight gain for a baby. I thought, "Yikes," given how much work it is to get food into E.

Last week (1/22), E was 7 lb 6 oz, gaining 1 ounce per day since the last check. Today (1/29), she was 7 lb, 15 oz, gaining more than 1 ounce per day! WOOHOO! I should mention that we also started her on a 24 calorie diet after the 1/22 visit. This means that we augment the breast milk (formula and breast milk are usually 20 calories per ounce) that I pump with an additional 4 calories per ounce. So between that and E. becoming stronger and better at feeding, she's gaining more than the minimum amount. I have to say, it also shows in my arms and back as we carry her around.

This is going to be a big week with the weight check, beginning physical therapy, and having our intake meeting with Early Intervention. Big things for such a big girl!

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