Thursday, January 10, 2008

It's Back On

Woohoo! Our day nurse (lovely woman named Carol) asked for and got us to have an adlib feeding schedule. There are times when Little Peeps seems to want to take more and others when she doesn't. She just took about 70 mL at the 9:00. As long as she doesn't lose a significant amount of weight, they'll keep this adlib (on demand) feeding schedule, which is more like what we'd do at home anyway. We're giving her breast milk for as many feedings as I can keep up with, but we'll supplement with a higher calorie formula when she wants more of if the NICU has run out of breast milk. She's on the barest of monitors and Carol took out her gavage tube.

I'm off for home to sleep and Big Daddy is now on patrol. We'll try to update later.

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