Saturday, January 5, 2008

Day 3

Day 3 has shown progress. E is off all bilirubin lights, which means that we can hold her anytime. She also loses the stylish protective eyewear she's been wearing so we can actually see her eyes (which have very fair brows and long curly lashes). The neonatalogist who came around this morning has put her on a 3-hour feeding plan where we'll continue to try and feed her with a bottle, but they will use gavage (e.g., feeding tube) to increase the levels of breast milk/formula that she's receiving.

She's pretty sleepy still, both from the trip (as T says) and from the jaundice/red blood cell things. We're hoping to see a more alert E in 48 hours or so, but it will take some time for her to recover from the complications. If she does well, we're hoping to bring her home next weekend, although no one here is holding our breaths.

M. came up to the NICU today (Saturday) to see E. Once again, she was very tender and curious. Unfortunately, she wasn't able to hold her, but she was fascinated by all the wires and such. T. and I really debated having her up, but she did great and we'll continue to help M. with questions and such.

Our days and nights are spent divided between the NICU and home. T and I are switching long days at the NICU versus long days spent with M. Both are exhausting but rewarding.

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Vicki Willey said...

Hi Jennifer and family,
It is very moving to read your blog- I almost feel like I'm spying on your life. I am in awe of your openness and ability to put words to these circumstances. I am hoping E did get to come home over the weekend and sent some prayers up- not sure if it was the nipple deity or not, but sent them up nonetheless. My heart aches for the loss of 'normal' but is amazed at the outlook of hope you have. And you're right in that a new normal is not necessarily bad- circumstances change us everyday and sometimes in life changing ways. Most probably a good thing. Maybe just maybe we can actually make that trip to Rochester Hills sometime, Jen and let the kids run wild at the latest and greatest McDonalds play land!! Or I can road trip!! Still love a good road trip.
Love to you!