Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Turning the Corner

Today has been a very good day. Sorry for not posting yesterday, but sleep is becoming a huge priority for me while T. picks up the slack everywhere else. Let's recap. E can come home as soon as she eats. All other health issues (jaundice, high red blood cell count, etc.) were resolved over the weekend although they wiped her limited resources out.

The neonatologist put her on a feeding plan to alternate a bottle feed/gavage and straight gavage feeding while increasing the amount of the feeding by 5 mL every 3 meals until she reached a minimum of 50 mL. We started at 15 mL. Meanwhile, they were supplementing through an IV in her head which sounds horrible, but is actually the easiest place to put one on a newborn.

Today, E made HUGE strides taking the bottle. At the 6 PM feed, she took 50 mL! This morning, she was taking about 25 mL, so huge efforts and jump up the learning curve. T & I both worked with the physical/occupational therapist to learn how best to support E's feeding and she (and other lactation consultants) both reassured me that she'll eventually get nursing as well. I continue to try nursing, but as long as she's eating the prescribed amount by bottle, we'll get to take her home. Then, I'll plan to work on nursing more seriously.

We're cautiously optimistic for getting everyone home this weekend. It was exciting today when they took her IV out because she's getting enough food. They actually put clothes on her which makes it seem closer to the end.

The other big fun for the day was M going to school with pictures. All the teachers and her friends wanted to see the pictures she brought which I know makes it more exciting for her.

Well, I have a hot date with a mechanical pump I'm thinking of naming George because he says he's my boyfriend when he begins the show. Hopefully, I'll have pictures to post tomorrow and I have tons more to say about our NICU experience, the gory birth story, and how much of a strong will E already seems to have.

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