Monday, October 8, 2012


Tonight was much better than I thought it was going to be.  Tony was gone so it was just us girls with me only having about 5 hours sleep and there's an inverse relationship between amounts of sleep and shoutyness (Less sleep = more shouty) and it was a crazy day.

We were ok, though.  At one point, Meredith and Ellie were playing and running around with laughing and squealing that requires smiles and a lifting of spirits.  We studied for Meredith's science test and read Ellie's family book from preschool. (She was so excited to get to our family page...will have to share in another post). There was an inpromptu dance party that was funny (Ellie kept swinging as Meredith and I tried to dance in a circle).  There was Wii cycling and swordfighting.

The best, though,  was having the girls snuggle in after dinner to read a bit, do phonics/sounds. Meredith said she'd read and Ellie will do just about anything if Meredith is doing it so they tucked in and read Biscuit, which Ellie started liking this summer.  I really love seeing how sisterly they can be and really appreciated and needed this moment today.

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