Monday, October 15, 2012

No Twisted Panties

Here's how my brain works.....
I want to do 31 for 21 and in fact enjoy writing and blogging about our lives.
I commit to 31 for 21.
I miss a day (or four).
I beat myself up and feel guilty.
I decide I will make up all the posts.
Live is crazy busy and catching up seems overwhelming so I avoid and do other things (Hello Airport Mania!).
I feel guilty and think about not blogging or catching up...alternating these steps ad nauseum.'s the thing.  Work has been crazy busy, our lives have been crazy busy, sometimes by the end of the day I'm not interested in talking any more and just want to veg out. Sometimes I suck it up an blog, sometimes I zone out. I've decided I'm not catching up unless I find I have more than one thing to say in a day and that I'm going to do what I can to blog for 31 for 21, but the reality is that we have a normal, busy life and that's more a testimony for living a life of normalcy with DS than anything else I can write.

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