Monday, October 15, 2012

It Bears Repeating

I've written about the R word before. I think other people explain what it means and how hurtful it is much better.  Here's one from Twitter that I saw :    @EndTheWord: Powerful message as a dad demands an apology from @AnnCoulter for repeated use of the #Rword. Join him!

Seriously. It's not funny or smart or even an effective put down anymore. Are you really someone who has to belittle a class of people who have enough challenges to make yourself feel smarter, better, or whatever it is that you think calling someone a retard will solve for you?  All it proves is ignorance (especially if you keep doing it when you've been told it's hate language), a lack of compassion, and (for continued, repeat offenders) a level of spite and meanness that is incredible unattractive in a human being.

More information about the R-word and ending its denigrating use at

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