Thursday, September 18, 2008

Some Recent Conversations

I've been recording various M comments on papers throughout the house and on my Notes function on my mobile. Here they are:

In car, E is working over one of her toys that has the crinkle paper in it.

M: Are you giving the Pooh book the 411? (instead of the whatfor?)


Eating breakfast with dad on first day of school:

M: I may not know everything, but that's okay because it's just the first day.


M: Do you have any imaginary friends, Mom?

Me: You mean like Emily*?

M: Emily isn't imaginary, she's my sister.

*Emily is M's imaginary friend originally from "Merochia (Mer-row-sha)," then China, and now she's from CDC (Atlanta, where I used to go frequently).

M: (afternoon after getting her hair cut) I think I look like a Caitlin.

Me: Okay (my go to response when I have nothing)

Exact date uncertain, but around 1st week of Sept.

(on speaker phone)
Oma (T's mom): Is it [school] exciting?

M: Well..., it was, but I've been there a few days now so it's not as much.

Walking to school, I'm carrying E forward facing in a wrap:

Me: Look E, we can see so many things when we're looking forward.

M: Yeah, look at all the trucks, vans and USAs.

Me: (Looking around for flags or other partiotic items) You mean SUVs?

M: Yes.

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