Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Talking to the Animals

I know I'm due for a monthly newsletter and I have many other posts I'd like to write, but a quickie to tie us over.

E loves her room. I've posted pictures before of some of the artwork that my friend R did. One I didn't post was of a cross-stitched afghan that my mom did when M was born (the room was originally M's). We finally hung the afghan when we readied the room for E. Anyway, E looks at many elements of the room, but especially the wall hanging which is behind the chair when I nurse (the room has been moved around since the pictures below) and it's not uncommon for her to really stare at it when she can see it.

Tonight, as I was nursing, I was holding her on my left in the football hold, where she's positioned along my side with her feet behind me. Towards the end of the feeding, she'd stop nursing, turn and look at it for a few moments, then return to nursing. Twice, she felt the need to also smile, gurgle, and coo at it. She's a mystery.

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