Saturday, December 22, 2007

Now We Wait

As we begin to approach E’s B-Day, some random thoughts keep popping into my head:

1. Things I will miss about pregnancy:

· Knowing that E is as safe as she’ll ever be

· Not having to share her with anyone (I’m a selfish mama J)

· This is probably the last time I’ll ever have a life inside me again

2. Things I will not miss about pregnancy:

· Questions in the last weeks about any news – if you call and ask if there’s a baby yet, be prepared for scathing response

· Stupid comments about the tax break if E comes before the end of the year (Note: 1) the IRS prorates the tax rates. This is the government people, they’re not stupid. They know how to get their money; 2) Like the tax break is the sole reason to have kids. Riiiggght!)

· Assumption that I want this over with sooner rather than later - I think Mother Nature has a plan and I’m in no rush to have E here before her time. I take some comfort in knowing that there is an end game, I just don’t know when it will begin.

· The heartburn, I will not miss that

· Or the nausea, that too will not be missed

3. This pregnancy has been very different emotionally and physically than the first. Good difference from this one include:

· Being able to sleep in my bed! Not always comfortably, but at least able to lie flat. With Peeps, I was sleeping in a La-Z-Boy at month 5. On the flip side, I miss sleeping in the nursery. Somehow, it feels like that when I was sleeping in Peeps’ room, some magic mama powers infused the room with love and protection.

· Less weight gain which helps in moving about

· Once again blessed with a healthy pregnancy

· Better understanding of what I want from the birth experience

· A deeper appreciation for Big Daddy and all he contributes to the well-being of our family and how much he makes my life easy

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