Monday, October 7, 2013

31 for 21: Dancing

Ellie started predance classes last year at the studio where Meredith has been taking classes since she was little. The studio owners are awesome and the teacher was great. We had a fantastic experience and I think Ellie loved it, since she asks to wear dance clothes everyday!

We do work hard at helping her master her dance. For the first recital prep, I know I danced in the class for a few weeks to help her keep on task. The other kids are a big distraction, but her lack of attention is in keeping with the other kids in the class. (I don't know how the teachers herd cats every week!)

We video the rehearsal once the whole dance is choreographed and then practice it at home. For the spring recital, I think I put our versions on YouTube and shared them with the other parents for extra practice, which they liked. Other than that, I'm really grateful that we don't have to wait two more years for Ellie to try the adaptive ballet class and appreciate how great she if we could just get her hippotherapy therapist to teach her to ride standing up with flaming hoops..... :-)

(Holiday 2012)

(Spring 2013)
These are from backstage and dress rehearsal, but who can resist little kids in tutus and maribou?

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