Saturday, June 18, 2011

Recent Conversations

Monday, June 6, 2011 - Driving near Milan, MI
M: Mom, I just saw a sign that said "Don't pick up chipmunks!"
Me: What?!  Don't pick up chipmunks?
M: Yes, there was a sign.
Me (looking around and finally noting the prison near the side of thr highway). Did the sign say, "Don't pick up hitchikers?"
M: No, it said chipmunks.

***discussion follows about what are hitchikers, why the sign is posted, prison breaks, and the importance of not hitting chipmunks OR picking up hitchikers ***


June 16, 2011
While rough-housing with me:
M (yelling): Dad! Dad! Come save me, Mom's going to eat me
Me: Why would I eat you? You wouldn't taste very good.
M: I'd taste like bacon.

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chicagoRED said...

"Don't pick up chipmunks" is also very sensible advice.