Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Last Week in Pictures

For the week of June 16 - 22:
1. Singing with Daddy (really needs sound with it, but this is a nightly event)

2. Tuesday, June 17 - Kindergarten screening (M passed with no problems). Now with the missing tooth, she looks even more ready for school.

3. Tuesday was also the day when M's tooth had to be pulled. We were referred to a pediatric dentist because of the previous trauma inflicted by our regular dentist. If you look in the picture closely, there's another gap in her teeth in the molars on her bottom left.

4. Wednesday was lunch at Oma & Opa's house with Great Grandma (also known as Triple G)

4. Thursday, E got a corner chair from Early Intervention. It helps her build upper body strength, especially in her shoulders and neck. She loves it and really sits up straight for her sister.

5. Also Thursday, E started solids! Big, big girl.

6. Friday, projects with Mommy. M likes to take pictures where the subject is making faces.


Tracy said...

Love your blog and seeing the great pictures of the girls. Thanks for doing this! Love, Muffy

chicagoRED said...

that's one pretty frightening face you're making my friend! xoxo Les

chicagoRED said...

p.s. I love seeing ALL your faces though and reading about how everyone is doing. :)

Jennifer said...

Sure, it's not my pretty going out face, but we call can't be Little Miss Mary Sunshine. :-)

Hector and Jennifer Varanini Sanchez said...

I just found your blog and I was wondering how old your baby girl is? I too have a kindergartener, a preschooler and a 7 month old baby boy who has DS. We're about to start solids and got a kick out of seeing your pictures. I would love to chat more with you sometime :)!

Hector and Jennifer Varanini Sanchez said...

Also, what is a corner chair? Is this something I should ask about? What type of chair do you feed her in? Just a bouncy chair? So many questions :)