Wednesday, November 28, 2007

With A Rush and a Push*

Hmm... As I was thinking about this blog post, this was the title, but as I wrote it I realized that those who are on BabyWatch2008 may misinterpret it. [grin]

Anyway, last week was unexpected as M had a little fever and a terrible cold. This means she got to have cartoons and movies (something she normally doesn't get except when traveling or sick). In turn, I was able to motor through a large knitting project that is due for the holidays. As we're not planning on going anywhere on Christmas Day, I was hoping to have this completed by the family celebration on 12/8.

So, last week, I slogged through the tedious parts - basically the parts where the pattern is no longer charming and it becomes a bit repetitive getting to the next fun section or completing the project entirely. As I made it to the top where the neck shaping is (something you'll have to go to Ravelry to see, I'm jennifermph), I realized what I really like about knitting....the end. It becomes a rush of anticipation to see if the hard work has accomplished what you intended. There's also a a point at which the knitting becomes a bit obsessive (for me) and I can't put it down until it's completed.

Currently, it's washed and block and just waiting for a solid dry before it is wrapped and gifted. As I questioned that I would complete it time, I'm pretty happy with the entire project.

For more details, see Ravelry projects - Kotan Poncho

Lessons learned from this project:
  1. My sister-in-law is very patient - this was promised at least 18 months ago
  2. Yarn has a mind of its own - the original yarn, which would also have been so beautiful for this project - did not want to be the Poncho. I cast on for this at least 15 times over the past year and a half and every time, something went wrong. When I changed to this lovely chunky wool, no problems and I think it will be more functional than the other.
  3. I converted the project to be knitted in the round!
  4. I learned to read a pattern that was a little vague with its descriptions.
*lyrics from The Smiths

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