Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Paradise Lost and Found

In finding out that our second daughter would have Down Syndrome when she was born, we lost:
  • Our imaginary second (genetically perfect) child that really only ever existed in our minds and hearts
  • Our innocence that anything would ever be okay with our girls again
  • Knowing that the heartache of parenting would be a constant
  • Dreams and assumptions for the future
What we found was:
  • A perspective that recognizes that for all the challenges of raising both girls, there are equal (and exceeding) measures of joy
  • That our perspectives and assumptions about our lives are forever changes
  • That our little family is more important than anything else and we'll work to keep it that way
  • That while the death of dreams is hard, there will be new ones and they'll be as good, and probably better, than the ones that died
  • That our hearts continue to expand with love despite fear and being overwhelmed
  • We still feel ridiculously lucky and blessed to have the life we live. We wouldn't trade it for anything


Anonymous said...

Jennifer, Tony and Meredith,
She will be easy for you to love because she is part of all of you. There will be joys and sorrows like none we have known yet, but we are excited to meet our new little angel cousin when she is ready. We know Meredith will be an amazing help, teacher and loving big sister. We will always be here for support or help at any time.
We love you all,
Julie, Marc, Grace and Katie

Alice said...

My second son has Ds and he's one and a half now. He is such a funny, lovely, particular, original, glorious, cuddly, clever little boy. A bit of a show-off, sometimes coy, a smile like a brilliant flashlight, and a temper like mine. Like with my other son, I never would have guessed how special he could be. His brother, his dad, and I are all so in love with him. I hope that you are in for such a treat with your little girl. I'm certain you are. Congratulations, and much joy to you all.